Suncook Valley Railroad Images
And Relevant B&M Images
In Walker Transportation Collection, Beverly Historical Society

The Walker Transportation Collection is a significant railroad history archive, located with the Beverly Transportation Society  While access to the collection is no longer as convenient as it was under the former efforts of Richard Symmes and others, a portion of the collection is available for search online, with small images provided and prints and scans offered.  Within the collection are copies of photos by Al Hale, Howard Moulton, and other photographers who directed their cameras to Suncook Valley Railroad subjects over the years.

I've expanded this to offer a bit of an index to others who might want to research a different subject matter beyond the SV, as I have done.  I'll add further Assession Numbers as I work through the collection.

Assession Numbers

36041.001- 1093 items, mostly B&M locomotives.

36041.002- 200 items, obstensibly I.C.C. Valuation depot photos. Some SV depots and relevant B&M depots are included, ca.1914, with some non-Valuation Survey images as well. Quite a few Valuation photos are also included in Assession Number 26041.002, but I've been unable to find search terms that bring up the entire group as a whole; "valuation" brings up at least a subset of 26041.002 along with 36041.002:
.0002- Allenstown Depot Valuation Survey Photo
.0036- Barnstead Depot Valuation Survey Photo
.0078- Bow Junction Depot Valuation Survey Photo
.0106- Center Barnstead Depot Valuation Survey Photo
.0118- Chichester Depot Valuation Survey Photo
.0128- Concord Depot, Train Shed, north end Valuation Survey Photo
.0129- Concord Depot, south end Valuation Survey Photo
.0132- Concord Depot, Train Shed, south end Valuation Survey Photo
.0188- Epsom Depot Valuation Survey Photo
.0189- Epsom Depot, Photo ca. 1949

36041.004- 238 items, entirely SV subjects from 1924-1956.

36041.005- 12 items, quarry railroad subjects.

36041.006- 42 items, Woodstock RR.

36041.007- 29 items, West River RR.

36041.008- 7 items, Zealand Valley RR.

36041.009- 40 items, B&M locomotives.

36041.011- 283 items, Norman Granz collection.
.1363- SV #1, Concord, Apr 1947.

36041.013- 558 items, Albert G. Hale collection.
.0433- Al Hale photo of B&M #939, Train 3601, Manchester, 9/22/1934
.0493- Al Hale photo of B&M #1007, Train 3604, Manchester, 10/12/1935
.0498- Al Hale photo of B&M #1011, Train 3604, Suncook, 9/23/1933
.0502- Al Hale photo of B&M #1013, Train 3604, Concord, 8/10/1931

36041.014- 264 items, Albert G. Hale collection, much more here to search:
.006- Boston Milk Train, 1922-1926- three milk cars visible, 1700 series round roof, ex-reefer, blind end monitor roof, NOT SV, of course.
.380- Danvers Milk Train, 4/27/1936- probably car #1631 or #1682, given date and combination of monitor roof, blind ends, and center office, NOT SV, of course.

Posted 2/23/24 by Earl Tuson.