Frank E. Blodgett    Fred W. Saltmarsh

Retail Coal, Oil, Wood Dealers

Sanborn Fire Insurance map, 1906
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F. E. Blodgett coal trestle looking northwest, ca. 1900
Sanborn Fire Insurance map, 1923
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F. W. Saltmarsh coal trestle looking south, 5-24-36


I am just beginning to assemble a historical sketch of these two enterprises.  F. E. Blodgett's wood and coal yard is shown in the 1906 and 1912 Sanborn Fire Insurance maps, while the 1923, 1929, and 1939/48 maps show that F. W. Saltmarsh's operation of the yard succeeded the former.  The 1920 R. G. Dun Mercantile Agency Reference Book for 1920 also lists Saltmarsh as being in operation at that time.  Frank E. and Jennie E. Blodgett deeded land to Fred W. Saltmarsh, et al, on March 13, 1915 (MCCD Book 408, Page 533.)

SVRR Bill of Lading, 1929
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